Art of Hosting Participatory Processes

What is possible for Turkey NOW?

What are the conversations, practices, principles and structures that we need for peace, free expression, compassion and collaboration in Turkey?


We are offering an Art of Hosting training in Istanbul between 30 August – 1 September. This 3 day event is both a training and an experience focusing on the conversations, practices, principles and structures for collective intelligence and collaboration.

We offer space to explore and reflect on our current experience in society; we offer tools and approaches to create authentic participation and self-organisation; we offer an experience of creating community and collaborative action.

You will be able to engage in open space conversations, have time for reflection, build meaningful relationships, and celebrate life. As part of this you will be invited to experience, practice and deepen a variety of methods, f.e. Circle, Open Space, World Cafe, ProAction Cafe, U-theory, Chaordic design. The program is designed pro-action, giving you the opportunity to crack some projects and leave with a community of practice.

This Art of Hosting training believes that the collective intelligence of any group can solve the challenges it faces, we believe there is “a leader in every seat”. This is an open invitation to all who wish to take part and learn how to host meaningful conversations, move toward action on concrete projects, and learn with each other – whether we have similar worldviews or “opposing” ideas. We practice radical inclusion and all views are equally welcome.

Please download the invitation here and registration form here.

This training is in English with Turkish translation

Art of Hosting Participatory Processes is a 3-day training and all participants are requested to attend the whole program.
The flow of the training:
Friday 30 August 10.00-18.00
Saturday 31 August 10.00-18.00
Sunday 1 September 10.00-16.30

Please keep your Saturday night open for a group socializing.

The training will take place in Taksim, Istanbul. You will be given directions upon registration.


As BARAKA, it is very important for us to practice giving and receiving gifts freely, unconditionally, with abundance. We are keen on practicing “radical inclusion” and have our learning opportunities to be accessible by anyone willing to learn and contribute.

This training is subsidized by BARAKA and offered in Gift Economy: the participants are invited to make a contribution based on their gratitude and budget to cover course expenses, to support the facilitators’ work and to ensure the sustainability of BARAKA’s offerings.